Digital campaign – new product launch

Digital campaign introducing completely new product range Mazagrande with sport and artists ambassadors.

View rate 70%

With average of 60% on all videos.

83% TA reached

We have reached 2,5 mil people of set target group in CZ and SK.

Average all platforms frequency of 4

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Display Network

We are proud to collaborate with Adam Ondra during the campaigns for Mazagrande. As the world’s best climber, he always pushes the limits of curiosity and what a man can achieve. Curiosity leads to better things, and that is exactly the brand essence of Mazagrande drink.

Filip Mandík

account manager


To describe the crucial Mazagrande's theme of discovery and curiosity. Choosing the right brand ambassadors was not just a one-time deal. Curiosity and the desire to discover had to be part of DNA of each of them.


We found suitable ambassadors whose approach to life and their qualities are in perfect harmony with the character of the brand, and made a series of videospots that portray the subject of discovery and curiosity.