Digital Campaign - Launch of new product

We prepared a complete digital strategy for new product launch, including website, YouTube channel and social media management.

80% TA reached

We have reached around 80% of TA on Facebook and Instagram on Czech market.

36% TA interacted

36% Facebook and Instagram TA interacted.

40% + YT view rate

Reception of our videos with ambassadors and expedition film was great.

I'm really enjoying working with Sylva and Adriana on Mazagrande digital content. The product is something new and completely different on the market, so the challenge is to make the communication different too.

Filip Mandík

account manager


The challenge was to create effective digital strategy to introduce new product Mazagrande to public, charm new customers and build stable user foundation.


We roll out complete digital strategy using Facebook, Instagram and blog. We asked four influencers to become ambassadors of our thematic competition through which the brand suppressed its anonymity and finally became familiar to new customers.